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May 27, 2005
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The Gift. by kerembeyit The Gift. by kerembeyit

Jullazar was always so curious about the snow. She used to listen to the stories with a great excitement about the winter and snowing that visitors tell who come from northern lands to his father's palace. She used feel so sorry for herself thinking she will never, ever be able to see the snow because the winter wasn't a season that is given to their land. On her 16th birthday his father, who is a great great wizard, invited her to his room and, "My dear Jullazar, what can I offer you as a birthday present?" he said.

-Ah! You can send me on a journey to the beautiful north countries, Father!
-North? he said curiously.
-Oh, unfortunately this is a gift that I most certainly cannot give, Jullazar. Do you think I am that irresponsible to let my little daughter go to a dangerous journey ?
-Jabbar will come with me! He will protect me!
-Please, do not insist on that, child.
-I'm afraid this is not an arguable matter.
-But, Father..
-I won't permit you, Jullazar! he said strongly.
-Then I'll never be able to see the snow in my whole life! she yelled and went to her room crying.

As she went, her father murmured "the snow?".

In the evening, Jullazar was still so angry.Why he wouldn't let her go? It was her birthday and she was so--

But what was that? Little white drops were shining and dissappearing in front of her window. She couldn't believe her eyes! It was snowing!

She ran to the courtyard. In the courtyard Jabbar, which is her previous birthday gift,was waiting for her with an umbrella.

"Your father wishes you a long and happy life my precious mistress", Jabbar said.

Jullazar let the snow drops chill her skin by reaching her hand for the sky and started to think what could she want as her next birthday gift from her father as she was smiling.

I think, it's time to submit this. This my M&S Challenge Entry. [link]
Wish me luck:)

* Has been selected for inclusion in EXPOSE4 Album by Ballistic Publishing.

Photoshop 7 with Intuos2 Tablet.
Frankly I can't remember exactly how much time that I spend on it, but I guess this piece took my 60-70 Hours (approx.)

Oh, and special thanks to my friends, mizzuae and alarfaj for their great help with the arabic translations.
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Given 2005-06-03
Rather than do a disservice to this magnificent print by Kerem Beyit go check out his story that goes along with it, and The Gift. becomes even more spectacular.

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Very nice story
This image is just wonderful, I love it
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one of the bests with its story.
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I like the accompanying story :)
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thank you so much for accepting this really beautiful artwork for the lovely caricatures group!:thanks:

teşekkür ederim :peace:
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I rally like the story behind this one. I like the contrast in the image between the giant, protective beast of a man and the fragile and tiny Jullazar. Very well done :-)
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Chaptastic Detailes !!!
Arabic Runes Writed Wellllll and absolutely On the Place where they must be ... :D
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şu iri olanın üstünde neler yazıyor.
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