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November 30, 2009
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Egg Thief by kerembeyit Egg Thief by kerembeyit
As Tallum Beanbag casted a joyful gaze at his long-sought, winged prey
who had left her cave to enjoy the last rays of the day’s sun, he thought
of the first time he had seen a dragon egg.

The egg had belonged to his grandfather, Yervant Beanbag, who treasured
this piece of swag more than any other valuable he owned, everyone would
say. It was no lie, as he had gone as far as to keep it for himself, leaving a
disgruntled merchant behind, and placing this most precious possesion in a
chest as black as the dragon which it was stolen from, after having a
preservation spell put on it to protect it from decaying away.

Tallum’s eyes glistened with his memories as he smiled and thought, after
losing count of the moons he had seen and his soft and red hair turned to
grey, he still so vividly remembered every detail about his first egg.

The moment young, red-haired and tiny Tallum had layed eyes on the
astonishingly big, smoothly rounded beauty that was glittering with a
golden enchantment, and was embellished with long and graceful crack
marks, he knew there could be nothing more beautiful or glorious than a
dragon egg , no matter how hard he looked.

And that was a feeling shared by all Humphs, the little people of Yuranthym
more commonly known as “The Egg Thiefs”. Yuranthym Humphs were the only
ones to engage in such a dangerous profession of stealing dragon eggs, as no
other member of any race had such a petite scale helpful for thieving, yet
possessed the intense courage, and the cunning wit of a Humph.

True, the death rates among the Egg Thieves was over the top, due to burning,
freezing, falling from great heights, or being eaten alive, but those were the
risks a Humph was almost happy to take.

Just as Tallus, who had been travelling for days to find her. He knew he could
not upset the wizard who had paid a large sum of gold for a Bronze Dragon’s egg,
so he waited patiently, watching the proud and golden silhouette of the huge
dragon who seemed to have no idea that a thief was around to steal one of her

The impending night was peacefully falling down, yet in a short while, it was
destined to embrace the sorrowful screams of a forlorn mother.

Story by: Beste Beyit


I've seen a similiar light setting in King Kong and tried to achieve it. If I remember correctly, this one took me at least one week. Well, enjoy!

Photoshop CS2
Original size: 7000x2954 pixels
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Amazing. Simply amazing. I'm speechless right now, actually.
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I didn't even think this was drawn digitally until I saw the Category :O_o:
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Your artwork is stunning! BUT PLEASE CONTINUE THE STORY!!!!!! O^O 0w0
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Hm...I have a question....Do you work as a designer for Schleich? :-?
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